Skin Care for 20 Years Old

20 Years and You


This is the age when beauty does not usually require prosthetics. Your skin is bright and attractive, but still if you go out in the sun, etc., to protect from the sun, goggles and some good cream should be applied. Brush twice a day, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.

Your physical condition:

(1) At this time your body enters the most beautiful period of its life. Strengthen your nerves and limbs is on the rise.

(2) Your lungs also have a greater capacity to breathe. You can run and get on the bus if you want, but it’s better don’t take such risks.

(3) The amount of fat in the body begins to increase. If you don’t pay attention to it, many of these sins will increase until you reach the age of 25.

(4) Accumulation of fat in the body means that your cholesterol is also slowly rising and your risk of heart attack increases.

(5) Of course your immune system is at its peak at the moment, but remember that as the body ages, so does your body.

The immune system begins to decline. Because the thymus glands slowly begin to shrink, causing the immune system to shrink and also seems to be affected.

What to do:

(1) Health experts believe that 1200 calcium a day should be taken (remember that milk is the best source of calcium) Also, do exercises that help you not gain weight and keep your bones strong.

(2) Aerobic exercises (rope jumping, etc.) are especially important. This not only keeps your muscles strong but also prevents diseases. Heart risks are also minimized.

(3) Don’t forget to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked so you can step into the next decade with more confidence or risk going forward.

20 Years girls

20 Saal Aur Aap

Khubsurti :

Yeh woh Umar hai jahan khoubsurti ke liye aam tor par masnoi saharon ki zaroorat nahi hoti. Aap ki jild roshan aur par kashish hai lekin phir bhi agar dhoop waghera mein bahar nikleen to dhoop se bachao ke liye chashma aur koi achi si cream laga liya karen. Din mein do baar brush karen ziyada pani pyin aur bhar poor neend len.

Aap ki jismani haalat:

(1) Is waqt aap ka jism apni zindagi ke khobsorat tareen daur mein daakhil hota hai. Aap ke asaab aur aaza ki mazbooti apne urooj par hoti hai.

(2) Aap ke pehphron mein saans lainay ki gunjaish bhi ziyada hoti hai. Aap chahain to bas par bhaag kar bhi sawaar hosakti hain lekin behtar hai ke is terhan ke khatraat mol na len.

(3) Iism mein charbi ki miqdaar mein izafah hona shuru hojata hai. Agar aap ny is par tavajja na di to 25 saal ke pounchanay taq yeh kayi gunah barh sakti hai.

(4) Jism mein charbi jama honay ka matlab yeh hai ke aap ka cholesterol bhi aahista aahista barh raha hai aur aap dil ke dora ke khatraat ki taraf jarahi hain.

(5) Bilashuba is waqt aap ka mdafati nizaam urooj par hota hai lekin yeh baat yaad rakhen ke Anfwan shabab ( teen age ) guzarte hi jism ke mdafati nizaam mein kami aana shuru ho jati hai. Kyun k Thamas glands aahista aahista sukarnay lagtay hain jis ke baais mdafati nizaam bhi mutasir honay lagta hai.

Kya karna chahiye :

(1) Mahireen sahet ka khayaal hai ke aik din mein 1200 calcium zaroor lainay chahiye ( yaad rahay ke doodh calcium ka behtareen zareya hai ) is ke ilawa aisi varzishen karen ke wazan na bherne paye aur aap ki haddiyan mazboot rahen.

(2) Aerobic werzish ( rassi phelangna waghera ) khaas tor par bohat ahem hain. is se nah sirf aap ke pathay mazboot rehtay hain balkay amraaz qalb ke khatraat bhi kam se kam reh jatay hain.

(3) Blood Pressure aur cholesterol check karana nah bhulen taakay aap ziyada aetmaad se agli dahai mein qadam rakh saken basorat deegar agay chal kar khatraat ke imkanaat bherne lagtay hain.

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